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B Arch. SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA 1996
M Arch. GSAPP, Columbia Univ., NY. 1998
PhD ETSA Seville 2017 "DIGITAL90. Digital Design & Fabrication at the End of 20th Century"

Licensed Architect. Spain 2002
GYGAa office principal. 2002-today
Project Manager & Const. Supervisor, Spain. 2003-2012
Digital Fabrication Architectural Designer
RJC Builders, Inc. Los Angeles, CA. 2012-today

School of Architecture of Seville (ETSAS) Spain. 2003-2013
Co-Founder and Director Digital Fabrication Laboratory (ETSA) Seville
FabLab Sevilla (MIT FabLab Network) 2009-2013




Manuel Gutiérrez de Rueda García,  PhD Architect

For the last 20 years, Manuel Gutierrez has been fascinated by design-build and research in“Architecture”. He designed and built his first project in 1996, a single-family residence as part of his undergraduate Final Thesis at SCI-Arc. Since then, he's been actively involved in design and building processes, leading architects and managing construction in Seville, Spain and in Los Angeles CA. He’s accomplished a body of built work that ranges from single family Residence to public Museums and large Commercial Factory and Production Facilities.

Graduated in 1996 from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) in LA. California, won an international scholarship for attending RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Melbourne, Australia in 1994 and in 1998 did his Master of AAD ( Advanced Architectural Design) "Advanced Design in Architecture" at the GSAPP, Columbia University, New York.

In 2002 he found and became principal of GYGAarchitecture, an architectural firm focused on Contemporary Design and Construction with close attention to detailing and building technologies.

In 2003 he became professor of History & Theory of Architecture at the School of Architecture of Seville, Spain. He also open a research group to teach “Digital Tectonics” and bring awareness to students about the upcoming transformations in Architecture and Construction due to the effects of digital design and fabricationCAD/ CAM manufacturing in the Design and Building Industry. Since then, he has been actively involved in researching about the transformations of architecture during the 90s due to the technological breakthroughs. He has published many articles, has given lectures and has organize conferences and workshops around therelation of Digital Design and Fabrication technologies CAD/CAm in architecture.

In 2009, he was co-founder and Director of FabLab Sevilla, a brand new Digital Fabrication Research Laboratory, which organizes various workshops to train awareness to students, teachers and professionals of the capabilities that Digital Manufacturing and Prototyping offers to architecture and building production. FabLab Sevilla is part of MIT FabLab Network.

Since 2012, Manuel works as Digital Fabrication Architectural Designer in RJC Builders, building high-end residential and commercial projects ( He combines his research and academic activity along with design and building architecture

In 2017, he obtained his PhD  "DIGITAL90. Digital Design & Fabrication at the End of 20th Century" at the School of Architecture of Seville, getting recognition from juries and professors.

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